640Q) Is there a minimum age for the race?
A) There is no minimum age required for the race. To participate in the Donkey Dash, your child must be between 2-11 years old. Children are eligible to race in only ONE of the two events. You may register your child for the Donkey Dash on the day of the race.

Q) Are strollers and dogs allowed in the race?
A) Sorry, no. The terrain along the race route is far too difficult navigate with a stroller. You may bring dogs to the DSC, but they are not allowed in the race. Staff and volunteers are not responsible for watching your dog while you run.

Q) Is there a limit to the number of racers in the PACE?
A) Yes, we are only able to accommodate 350 people due to space and parking restrictions.

Q) Is the race timed?
A) Yes. Timing for the race will be done by Speed River Timing.

Q) Will there be food and water at the race?
A) There will be a water station, and some healthy snacks available after the race.

Q) I’m not interested in running or walking the race, but I would like to help the animals. Is there another way I can help?
A) We’re happy you asked! If you wanted to make a donation to the DSC, please DONATE HERE or give us a call at 519-836-1697 to support the donkeys. Thank you so much!